You’d probably enjoy hanging out with us.

We’re a friendly, hardworking group of people who care deeply about helping our retail agents and wholesale brokers better protect their builder clients. ISG allows builders to build more safely and confidently without the headache of putting all the pieces together themselves. We offer full peace of mind so your clients can get back to doing what they do best—building amazing structures.

How We Help You

Finding the right builder’s insurance for your client can be overwhelming. Having been in the business since 1998 and underwritten over $700 million in premium for general contractors and developers, we understand the struggle. But we believe it doesn’t have to be that way.

We’ve remained a leader in this industry because we offer the powerful Asset Protection Plan, which helps you simplify builder’s insurance. It combines the building blocks of risk management, contract services and traditional insurance coverage to give your builders a complete shield of protection—one that’s still fighting for you up to a decade later.

You can go here to get the complete rundown of the Asset Protection Program.

Beyond that, we turn our agents into superheroes by backing you with a full support team. We will be on call to assist you in any way possible throughout the life of the account. Whether you have questions about processing a claim or you want us to personally jump on a call to help close the deal with a builder, we’re at your service.

Meet Our Team

But of course. The introductions. Where are our manners? These wonderful people make up the heart and soul of the ISG family:

Staff Photo

Bruce Harrell

Chairman, Chief Executive Officer

Staff Photo

Stephen Harrell

President, Chief Operating Officer

Staff Photo

Elizabeth Davis

Vice President, Territory Underwriting Manager

Staff Photo

Curtis Rosser

Western Region Marketing Representative

Staff Photo

Greg Vissering

Vice President, Senior Builder's Risk Underwriter

Staff Photo

Randy Roppelt

Executive Vice President, Underwriter

Staff Photo

Daniel Swain

Vice President, Underwriter

Staff Photo

Jill Bay-Weber

Vice President, Underwriter for Habitational & Trade

Staff Photo

David Darragh

Associate Underwriter

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