Do you know the various ways to make a payment?

  1. Electronic Check via VCheck
  2. Pay in full by sending payment to: ISG, PO Box 673984, Marietta, GA 30006
  3. Premium Financing
  4. ACH ($3.00 fee per transaction) or Credit Card (3.25% per transaction) via ePayPolicy


ISG is pleased to introduce a NEW Direct Bill General Liability payment plan option for “admitted” practice polices in Alabama, Georgia and Florida.

Direct Bill Installment option details will be included on all new business proposals for “admitted” practice policies. In-force policies will continue to function as-is until renewal.  For added convenience, installments are supported by ePayPolicy. ISG does not receive any revenue from the convenience fee charged by ePayPolicy for processing payments. When utilizing installment options, policyholders will need to pay both the down payment and subsequent installments via ePayPolicy using either:

• ACH ($3.00 fee per transaction), or
• Credit card (3.25% per transaction)

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