Risk Appetite:

  1. Custom or Tract Single-Family Builders
  2. Multi-Family Builders
  3. Condominium
  4. Mixed-Use
  5. Apartments
  6. Up to 8-Stories and $35M in Construction Costs per Building

Product Offering:

  1. Annual Renewal Practice Policies:  Coverage for work performed by subcontractors.  Can be endorsed to included extended products-completed operations coverage.
  2. Project-Specific & Wrap Policies:  Terms up to 48 months,  including extended products-completed operations.  Pay-As-You-Sell available.
  3. Limits up to $15M for all product types.
  4. No limitation on tract home builders.

How does the Asset Protection Program Help You?

The Asset Protection Program is not just a typical commercial general liability policy that works to protect you from job site injury or construction defect litigation. It is a comprehensive set of services and products that truly protects your assets.

Normal commercial general liability insurance may cover you from a legal standpoint, but is it enough to give you complete protection? No, you need a program that offers you risk management services, contract services and insurance coverage.

Did you know that every structure you build has a legal statute of limitations and you are responsible for for the full length of the statute? You might think you have a contract in place that specifies a length of responsibility, but the statute of limitations likely supersedes your contract. You could be liable for the structures you build for up to 10 years. So, if you build 10 homes per year for 10 years, you have legal liability tied to 100 homes. If each home is worth $250,000…you are now legally liable for $25 million dollars in potential construction defect liability, and more.

Do you want to be worrying about that huge number when you lay down to sleep every night, knowing your assets—and your future—are exposed? The Asset Protection Program can help you sleep at night!

How is the Asset Protection Program Better Than Just Having Normal General Liability Coverage?

If you only have a commercial general liability policy and your plan of action is to turn complaints over to your insurance company to handle, you are giving up control. The Asset Protection Program offers you a layered approach so you stay in control of your assets. Here’s what’s included:

Builder Contract Services

The first way the Asset Protection Program helps you is by making sure you have the proper contracts in place so you prevent complaints from even developing into claims. The program works to make sure you have carefully constructed Warranty Contracts, Consistent Sales Agreement provisions and Subcontractor Agreements to minimize your exposure.

The Asset Protection Program looks to keep complaints and claims in “contract law,” making it much harder for a homeowner to drag you into court.

Our contracts provide you with the power of “dispute resolution,” which means you gain the ability to settle disputes by using an independent third party as a mediator instead of the traditional judicial system. This lasts for 10 full years, long enough to outlast the statute of limitation.

If your contracts are constructed correctly, they will be your first line of defense in protecting your assets.

“Builder Best Practice” Coaching

Did you know you can avoid most problems before they even arise? The Asset Protection Program offers you critical guidance from our partners—including jobsite safety, construction quality and compliance with the OHSA’s regulations—to help you keep your jobsite safe and homeowners from ever being unhappy to begin with.

Insurance Coverage

Finally, if somehow a complaint becomes a claim, the ISG General Liability policy is there to protect you—without dangerous exclusions commonly found in a builder’s insurance policy.

In addition, you get a team of construction liability experts that have a proven track record of getting you the most out of your risk management coverage whenever a claim is filed against you.

Watch ISG’s Design Solution video series and check out the materials in the knowledgebase to learn more.

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