“Pays-As-You-Sell” General Liability Reporting Option

As they say, “Cash is King!”  What builder wouldn’t want to keep more cash in their pocket for a longer period of time?  At Insurance Specialty Group (ISG), we can help a builder align the timing of insurance costs with their revenue stream – Homes Sold!Insurance Specialty Group, LLC. (ISG) offers your homebuilder clients a unique “PAY-AS-YOU-SELL” option, available for your qualified larger residential builders, with a targeted total GL premium of $75,000 and higher. This approach can be used on non-admitted practice, project or wrap policies.

Roughly 60% of the total GL premium is deferred and paid only as each structure is sold or each phase is started.


  • ISG’s detailed proposal will include a fixed premium for premises liability, and a fixed rate per $1,000 of sales for products/completed-operations coverage, all listed on the policy Dec page at binding.
  • Premises liability coverage for the entire policy term will be flat (not auditable) and will be collected at binding. It represents roughly 40% of the total premium for the account.
  • Products/completed-operations coverage is paid as reports are due, typically within 30 days following the sale of each structure. This represents the remaining 60% of the premium due.
  • Products/completed-operations coverage is NOT provided until a structure is reported to ISG per policy reporting requirements.
    View and download the “Summary of Reporting Requirements,” located on our website: www.insurancespecialtygroup.com
It gets better! Non-Admitted practice policies can be endorsed to include extended products/completed operations coverage through the applicable state statutes, up to 10 years. The extended p/co is triggered upon close of escrow.
ISG is your premier specialist for all your residential and light commercial general liability and builders risk needs, providing class-leading protection and pricing flexibility needed for contractors to succeed in a continuously challenging market.
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