Important Changes to Admitted APP CGL Policy Audits

AmTrust has advised Insurance Specialty Group that all expiring admitted General Liability policies written on Wesco Insurance Company paper will be audited following expiration.  The insured will be contacted by a third party audit vendor to schedule a physical audit.  The auditors will be provide a list of needed information prior to the scheduled audit .  Once the audit is completed, ISG will receive copies of the audit & policy endorsement.  The policy will then be invoiced accordingly.

If you or your insured need a copy of the audit, please contact your ISG Underwriting Assistant (contact information below).  Contact your underwriter directly for an specific concerns regarding an audit, the audit process or audit disputes.  It is important that the insured complete the audit process as non-productive audits will be forced at 150% of the exposure at binding.

Stephen Harrell, UW: 678-742-6336
Stacy Frederick, UA: 678-742-6351
Elizabeth Davis, UW: 678-742-6314
Peggy Bourne, UA: 678-742-6364

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