Clear Blue Admitted

ISG Offers Admitted Practice Policies for Home Builders in AZ, GA, OR, UT & WA

ISG is proud to announce that our General Liability Asset Protection Program is now being offered on admitted Clear Blue Insurance Company paper in Arizona, Georgia, Oregon, Utah & Washington.   Our practice policies continue to target the home builder market and cannot write trade contractors.  The appetite is largely unchanged from the prior Wesco program and you will see consistency in the forms numbers used.  The program offers the following benefits:

  1. Primary limits up to $10M
  2. No tract housing limitations
  3. Defense Outside the Limit of Liability
  4. Options for both 3rd Party or Builder-Backed New Home Warranty contracts
  5. No sub-limit on Subsidence
  6. Low minimum earned premium levels
  7. Claims still handled by Network Adjuster’s expert Construction Defect team

Please contact your ISG underwriter for additional information.  New submissions can be sent directly to your ISG underwriter.  Thank you for your continued support and stay healthy!

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